Hi there again.

As much as I love handwritten letters, I believe the digital world is a much suitable place for my thoughts. I always say this whenever I start a new blog (yes, it’s that many), “This is my nth blog…” blah, blah. I don’t know if it’s for the benefit of my “readers” or just a reference for me–to count how many blogs I’ve started. And deleted. At first, I always begin my saying this is my 2nd blog…then my 3rd… Oh, you get the point.

I’ve had a break from writing a blog. Or just writing in general. I stopped writing because I feel like I’m putting all my emotions to a piece of writing that sounds so awful and depressing after reading it. I thought to myself, “Why am I writing depressing/emotional stuff? Can’t I write a happy piece?” Then at that time, I couldn’t. I don’t know what is with me and the emotions I’m feeling like I’m an oldie who’s into menopausal stage. Trust me, I’m still at my early 20’s.

With this blog (like I promise at the beginning of each of my previous blogs), I will try to write, still from heart, but covering all emotions I have in this heart and brain of mine. Hopefully, like I always say…

I want to finish something I started.



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