Faith + actions

What is your faith without actions?

In James 2:14, it clearly says, “What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them?” It profoundly explains all the way to verse 26 that indeed, faith without actions is dead. 

I know a lot of us are hypocrites of this. We post daily verses from the Bible, quotations from a minister, etc., but are we living what we’re preaching? It’s easy to assume that some, if not all, post this on Facebook after reading or meditating in God’s Word. We “share” this in order for other people to also be blessed with what we’ve encountered. I’m guilty of this, too. At one point, I am overpowered by the Word of God, that’s why I can’t stop from sharing it! But while thinking about it now, I thought, do we stop there? I mean, of course, there is power in the Word of God just by sharing it. But are we living the way we’re sharing the Gospel to others? Are we so consumed with sharing the Gospel to other people, but when they look at our lives…they don’t see it. Isn’t it sad?

Are you living a life that God is so evident in your life that even if you don’t “share” something, they see it? Are you living a life God wants you to?



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