Does pain go away?

I’ve never been close with my grandfather, but he was always there for me–telling me to study well, to finish studying before having a boyfriend, to be a good daughter to my parents, etc. In a short span of time living with my grandparents in Pangasinan, I remember him dropping me off to school and picking me up always ahead of time to make sure I don’t go anywhere after class. He would always ask me to make him cup of coffee every afternoon because he said I make the best coffee. He would always ask me to put the DVD of his favorite action movie but falling asleep after 15 minutes and asking me to play it where he left of once he wakes up. I never saw him recently but he was always in my prayers. He was a great cook (the best) and I think I got my cooking skills from him. He always loved my grandmother and my Mom and her siblings. He most especially love his grandkids, as well, me being the eldest.

I don’t know how to react to this, really. I’ve just been crying and crying and it’s sad that I can’t comfort my Mom right now and I can’t be there for them. But God is a God of comfort, for blessed are those who mourn.

Bye, Daddy. I’ll miss you. I love you.


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