Almost at the finish line…

I am constantly finding myself staring at something these days. It’s the stress. It’s the amount of data my brain has to process every time I have do to something. It’s the amount of work my brain has to do every time I have to think of something. It’s the amount of stress I have to do in every single requirement I have to do in order to finish this thing I need to graduate. It’s exhausting; and my body wants to give up every time–just leave everything behind and move on with other things. But then, am I just going to be someone who don’t ever finish anything? I’ve been this race long enough to be completely so sick of it. Tired of everything, I just want to move on with the next chapter of my life.

This time I refuse to move forward with tasks not completed. I rebuke all the negative things in my life right now that’s telling me what I want cannot happen. I’m taking the leap of faith because I know the One who holds my future knows all things. I believe in the fact that I will finish everything on time as long as I lay everything down in His hands. The victory has been won. I have nothing to fear about. That is my testimony.



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