Random thoughts from my notebook #1

I think it’s funny how we let go of things we thought we could never let go of. That picture we think is the “best” but then turns out looking “blah” after a few days or even years. Got me thinking that maybe life is as simple or as superficial like that. Simple because it’s just as easy to say “No” to some things, maybe most even; and superficial because the things that you can easily let go of eventually are actually the ones you just thought valuable, but not really. They are the ones that you value so much for one second, but when along the way you see something better, you just drop it off like it never meant anything to you for a while.

Maybe sometimes we’re just complicating things. Maybe the things are as simple as “yes”, and “no” but we complicate things because as much as we don’t want it to become complicated, we also don’t want it to be that simple. There are a lot of things to learn from this life and I believe our own character, attitude and our life altogether is defined by how we respond to that simple “yes” or “no”.


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