This year was a total life-changing for me. There were a lot of things that happened this year than in all my life combined. Okay, maybe not really but close.

January: I passed the Nurse’s Licensure Exam. Plus, all of my batchmates. We got a 100% passing on our batch.

February: our pinning ceremony where we pledged an oath as professionals.

March: Graduation!

May: I get to go to Singapore again this year.

June: applied for an externship program for nurses in one of the hospitals here in our city.

September: passed 2 interviews and 1 exam. Also the month I started at the hospital.

December: almost done with the 3-month training and still figuring out what to do with my career.

Still praying for where God will lead me next year, but also praying for an open heart and mind as I obey His will for my life.

It’s been a great year, Lord. And there’s so much blessings that you’ve given me. More importantly, I learned that there so much more things more significant in this life. More than success, more than money and sometimes even more than friends and family. All these things will be gone one day but You are the most faithful of all. Thank you for not giving up on me despite my hard-headedness and hard-heartedness (?). You are the reason why this year had been so amazing. Looking forward for more of You in the next year!


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