A Quarter of a Century 

I turned 25 recently and it’s still not sinking in. (Or maybe it is as I’m reviewing this draft.)

Looking back the past year, God has blessed me with so much, sometimes I can’t understand why I deserve this. But He says to me, “You are worth it my child. And you only deserve the best.”

Ahh! This is the God that I worship! So sweet and loving and so personal in His promises to me. He knows my deepest needs and even wants.

This past year is a grace-filled year. So much He has blessed me with, which I don’t deserve one bit. Yet still, He gives. Not because of what I’ve done (because, duh, I my works is never enough) but because that’s who He is as My Father.

I’ve also learned a lot about Him. The situations and circumstances I’ve been through magnifies God and who He is in my life and how He extends His grace into my life. He never failed me. He has always been there to correct me, rebuke me, and teach me, all because He loves me.

I may not be where I imagined myself to be (I had plans for myself, plans I thought were nice and practical), but God has indeed placed me in a much better place at the perfect time. This year for me is a reminder that He always knows best whether we understand it or not. But that’s where faith comes in. That’s where our hearts are tested. That’s where our faith gets tested.

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness over the past year. I’m excited to see what lies ahead!



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